ESF has begun rolling out multi-factor authentication to select campus services, with more coming soon. If you are attempting to use a DUOsecure application through the college, please be sure you have stepped through the setup process outlined below to receive MFA push notifications to your mobile device:

  1. From the App-Store, Search for 'Duo Mobile' and carefully select and Get the correct 'Security Made Simple' App:
  2. Follow the  prompts on our website - using your ESFiD credentials to login on the DuoSetupLogin page:
  3. Point your modile app/camera at the barcode that will be displayed on the proceeding web page. The camera may ask for permission to launch the DUO app to register their phone. 

That's it! You've successfully registered and can use Push Notifications  to verify your authorization.

Currently DUOsecure applications at SUNY ESF:

  • VSS - virtual desktop environment
  • Filecenter - remote network storage access tool
  • Select administrative PC login

Up and coming availability:

  • MyESF & Banner access
  • Remote lab PC login
  • Faculty/Staff Email