ESFiD Setup for newly accepted students

To set your initial ESFiD password or to reset your ESFiD password while still an applicant:

Step one: Go to the ESF Applicant Portal, log in with your personal applicant email address/password, and obtain your ESF PIN.

Step two: Go to the Accepted Student ESFiD Activation page, provide your personal applicant email address and ESF PIN, and set a password.

  • Passwords must be 14 characters or longer. Remember that longer passwords are better and we encourage the use of easy to remember phrases.
  • Passwords should have three of the following 4 categories: upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers, and special characters.
    • Example password: The monkey and the elephant in 2020
    • Example password: TheM0nk3yE1eph4nt
  • Passwords should not contain commonly used words.
  • Please do not use your name in your password.
  • Please remember to check the box before submitting.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when you have successfully set your password.
  • After you successfully set your ESFiD password, and in the confirmation email, you will be given your ESFiD username. Please make note of this.

Common Question: "Ok, so I set a password. Where do I go now?" For an accepted student or applicant, the next place to go is usually the following Web site: You will login to this site with your new ESFiD username and password:

Forgot your ESFiD password?

While still an applicant, you can reset your ESFiD password by completing the same two steps above that you used to originally set your password. If you remember your ESF PIN, you can skip right to step 2 to reset your ESFiD password.