Evergreen:  ESF's wireless network.

Wireless availability at ESF:
Wireless connections to the Internet, via the Evergreen wireless network, are available to all faculty, staff, and current students inside all main campus buildings, as well as select remote campus buildings such as the Lafayette Field Station offices, 224 Harrison floors 7&8, all Ranger School buildings, and the AEC/AIC administrative buildings.

Guest wireless access: Guest wireless access (ESF-Guest) is available only during specific times and schedues events. This access must be requested by organizers of events in advance. To request guest wireless access at ESF, event organizers should contact the help desk and provide specific details (contact information, date of event, and exact times the service should be activated) to assure the service is available when requested.

Please pay close attention to the connection requirements below and the list of wireless availability above. Many of the issues reported are due to devices that do not meet the requirements and also from people trying to connect or maintain a connection from a location that does not have supported wireless. 

Connection Requirements: 

  • A laptop, or other device, with wireless capability

  • Windows 10 or higher, Macintosh OS 10.15 or higher, any newer smartphone or similar device.

  • A valid ESFiD

Connection Instructions:

Step 1: Access your Wireless network settings and find the "Evergreen" Wireless network.

Step 2: Click on this network and connect.

For iPhone users, skip to step 3.

For Android or Chomebook users, ensure the following is correct:

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 auth: MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate: Do not Validate*
  • Domain: esf.edu
  • MAC address type: Phone MAC
  • Identity: username@esf.edu
  • Anon. Identity: (leave blank)
  • Password: ESFiD Password
  • Go to step 4

Step 3: You will be prompted for a Username and Password.

Username: jsmith@esf.edu

Password: ESFiD Password

Step 4: If asked to Accept/Trust a security certificate, please do so.

* For some android phones, use the following settings:

  • CA certificate: Use system certificates
  • Online certificate status: Do Not Verify

NOTE: On occasion, it may be necessary to acknowledge an acceptable use statement or other brief notification prior to gaining network access.

NOTE: Because security certificates update periodically, it may be necessary to 'Forget' your Evergreen connection and re-add the network to your device for successful connection.

NOTE: A reminder that SUNY ESF will block network access to any device running bit torrent or any other file sharing software!