ESFiD Information for Alumni

ESF Alum may maintain their or email accounts in perpetuity as long as the password is kept up-to-date and the account is actively being used. If you can no longer remember your ESFiD credentials, you can use the links below to initiate password recovery. SU NetID recovery options can be found at

Forgot your ESFiD password? Need to Change/Recover your password?

ESFiD password change/recovery:
After setup, you can use the following to change your ESFiD password or unlock your account or simply go to and click the "Forgot password" link:

====> I Do NOT know my ESFiD password and need to change it <====
  ====> I know my ESFiD password and I just want to change it <====

ESFiD account/Office365 Profile management:
Click the link below, sign in, and then click your name in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

    ====> Manage your ESFiD account settings <====
====> Change your password recovery options <====