CNS Provides and/or supports the following end-user services:


  • Service to Faculty/Staff State/College owned PCs, Macintosh, and associated equipment.
  • Basic trouble-shooting assistance for State/College owned printers that reside on the ESF Campus.
  • Provide quotes, upon request, for supported PC/Mac hardware configurations.
  • Configuration and setup of new College-owned computers that reside on the ESF Campus and associated peripheral equipment.


  • Assistance with the installation and maintenance of Campus-licensed software including Microsoft Windows and Office suites.
  • Basic trouble-shooting and installation assistance with properly licensed software titles. (eg: SAS, Minitab, Adobe, Autodesk, and etc.)

Campus Network:

  • Wired/wireless connections to the ESF Campus Network where available.
  • User account services for ESF Faculty and Staff.
  • Email accounts and email client configurations.
  • Network-based file storage and backup to individual Faculty and Staff, and Departments.
  • Student, Faculty, and Staff SU NetID issue resolution.
  • Student, Faculty, and Staff SU storage and storage quota issues.
  • Networked printing services in departmental offices and computing labs for Faculty, Staff, and Students.
  • Off-Campus FTP services upon request.
  • Support connections SUNY/State and SU systems.

Computing Center

  • Maintain all ESF Campus public/lab/classroom PCs, including both hardware and software support.
  • Faculty, Staff, and Student public computing lab issues - including software and printing/print quota.