How do you store your data? 
Individual data storage for ESF students is generally handled 2 ways: storage you carry with you and storage that stays on the network. Storing data directly on any ESF public/lab PCs is not supported. 

Storage you carry with you: The most common carry-away storage is the USB flash drive. These come in a variety of capacities and are infinitely forgettable. PLEASE remember to safely remove your flash drive from the PC that you are using (and log off/restart) before you leave. 

Storage that stays on the network: Each student is given storage space on the network that is tied to their ESFiD. Where ever the student logs in, their data follows them. You can access this space through the 'H:' drive on any public/lab PC at ESF. The H: drive can hold up to 1GB of data. Though this is a relatively small amount, it is convenient in that it follows you from location to location as you log in and can not be left behind (unless you forget to log off when you are finished). Faculty and Staff can use their ESF-affiliated Microsoft OneDrive for network and cloud-based storage that will always follow them.