All full-time students and some staff at ESF have an @SYR.EDU email address associated with their SU NetID. This email is best accessed from; but may find it more convenient to use the Outlook app directly within the Microsoft cloud apps at Authentication uses your SU NetID username and password.  The @SYR.EDU is a student's official college email for ESF.

Please note that if you also check your @ESF.EDU email, your Internet browser may try to automatically log you in to one or the other email when visiting Microsoft's website. Please make sure you "Logout" when finished checking your email, or use a different profile/browser for the differing accounts. Alternatively, you can forward email from one account to the other following the instructions found here:


A note about credentials: 

Because of the unique relationship between ESF and SU, all ESF Students, Faculty, and Staff have a Syracuse University NetID (SU credentials, or username and password). This makes the ESF community a more cohesive member of the greater Syracuse University community and gives you access to many services and resources available through SU. Because ESF is a part of SUNY, in addition to the SU community, all ESF Students, Faculty, and Staff have an ESFiD, which will allow access to services and resources specific to ESF and to SUNY.  

The username for your SU NetID and ESFiD will most likely not match and the passwords should never match. We ask that you take a moment to separate the two sets of credentials that you are required to use while you are a student at ESF: The SU NetID and the ESFiD.