Dangerous email:
One of the greatest threats to security on the ESF Campus Network is email.
NEVER open email messages with attachments that:

  1. You are not expecting
  2. You do not know the name or address of the person who sent the message.

NEVER provide information about yourself on a Web site or via email that you are not completely sure who will see the information. Always review the Privacy Policy of a Web site before giving up information about yourself.

Following these simple rules can help us all ensure a more secure environment.

The central Spam filtering system used at ESF is provided through our campus agrerement with Microsoft. This system uses multi-layered spam prevention and employs multiple filtering technologies, including spam signatures, heuristics, reputation filters, language identification, and other proprietary methods. 

How are we doing?

Since the Spam filter was enabled around 50-75% of all incoming messages have been confirmed or suspected as being Spam. Please feel free to send us a message at HelpDesk@esf.edu and let us know how the new Spam filter is working.

If you feel that you have missed some legitimate email

If, by chance, you feel that you have missed legitimate email since the filter was turned on, please send an email to HelpDesk@esf.edu and let us know 1) Who the message was supposed to be from (email address) and 2) The approximate date and time that the message was supposed to have arrived. This may require that you use a different form of communication with the actual sender of the lost message to find out the specifics.
NOTE: It is highly likely that any message removed as Spam will not be recoverable.

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