This message applies to all ESF community members who need to request temporary remote access to on-campus research workstations/VMs:

Computing and Network Services (CNS) has been asked about remote access to research workstations or virtual machines hosted by CNS. CNS can facilitate this access under certain circumstances. Systems granted temporary access from off-campus for research purposes should be serving some specific function such as running license-limited software, be a workstation or virtual machine for the purpose of modeling, or be connected to a piece of analytical equipment. This access is not intended for connecting to general access desktop PCs outside the Baker Computing Center (please see for information about connecting to ESF Computing Center Lab PCs). BORG users should use (HTML) and the Bitvise SSH client for access. Also, this access can be maintained through summer 2020.

Research group leaders/PIs can request access via The request should include the following information:

      • The names (e.g. FQDN or Computer/Device name) of the workstation that needs to be accessed. One way to find the name of the device in Windows 10: right-click on the Start menu and choose System then click System Info.
      • ESF Email addresses of people who need access to the named systems.
      • The location of the systems (building, room, position within the room).
      • Telephone number where the requester can be reached for questions.

The following are requirements for this access:

      • Must be running Window 10 Pro/Enterprise or Windows Server 2012R2 or higher.
      • Need to have an existing connection to the ESF campus network.
      • Need to be joined to the domain (i.e. login with ESFiD must be possible). If this is not in place at the time of the request, on-campus CNS staff can perform this work with the permission of the requestor and if administrative rights to the system can be provided (i.e. we need access to the space and we need the administrator password).