ESF faculty and students may obtain access to more robust computing resources as needed for research purposes. ESF has a limited on-premise workstations and a shared pool of virtual machine space that can be provisioned as needed for a scheduled period of time. SU compute resources can also be made accessible after a conversation concering need and usage restrictions. Please see below for further details.

ESF Sandbox Infrastructure 
     Workstation access: Geospatial Lab in Marshall Hall 
     Research Virtual Machines (more oomph than standard workstations, shared pool of resources)  
     Expanded Storage on local Network (not just one kind)
     General support for connectivity and software installation
     Research group leaders/PIs can request access via  
         The request should include the following information: 

      • The names (e.g. FQDN or Computer/Device name) of the workstation that needs to be accessed.  
      • Hardware/Software needs of research.
      • ESF Email addresses of people who need access to the named systems. 
      • The location of the systems (building, room, position within the room). 
      • Telephone number where the requester can be reached for questions. 

Syracuse University Infrastructure (
    Multiple clusters: OrangeGrid HTC, Zest HPC, SUrge GPU cluster
    Accessed with @syr credentials
    Linux-based operating systems
    All clusters perform by script submission. No direct console access to run scripts.
    Support for access, software installation/access, submission scripting
urrently no charge back to researchers (ESF or SU) 
    Make requests to 

    • Indicate research need and what is required (software, hardware, GPU?, etc...)  
    • Include (at SU's request) 
    • A brief conversation will be scheduled to discuss needs and appropriate resources