Remote access to computing resources for software access:

If you require specific software for your course that you do not have on your personal computer, ESF Students and Faculty may find the following services useful to remotely access the software required in ESF classes.

Syracuse University Virtual Lab:

Syracuse University's Virtual Lab can be accessed, using your SU NetID username and password, at the following location: This system has many of the software titles used in ESF classes such as ArcGIS and Adobe Creative Cloud.

ESF Computing Center Remote Lab Access:

ESF Faculty and Students can temporarily access the Baker Labs Computing Center workstations remotely to gain access to the software and data used in ESF classes.


ESF Remote Labs Process (PC/Mac):

Mac users must do the following before they begin: Open the App Store and download/install “Microsoft Remote Desktop" version 10 or higher.

  1. Go to and select a computing lab.
    1. When the lab’s list of computers is displayed, find one with a status of “available.”
  2. Click the 'Connect' link to the right of the available PC's information. This will download a file to your computer that you must open. To do this, note the name of the file being downloaded, save the file, locate your downloads folder, and double-click the file.
  3. Click Connect to accept the publisher/certificate verification warning.
  4. When prompted to “Enter your credentials,” use your ESFiD with domain ( You may need to click “More choices” then “Use a different account” to login using your ESFiD and not some local user.

The desktop will now load. When you are finished using the computer, please sign out.