Guest wireless access: Guest wireless access (ESF Guest) is available only during specific times and schedues events. This access must be requested by organizers of events in advance. To request guest wireless access at ESF, event organizers should contact the help desk and provide specific details (contact information, date of event, and exact times the service should be activated) to assure the service is available when requested.

Guest wireless (SSID: ESF Guest) can be made available anywhere Evergreen wireless is available on-campus.

A request from a campus-affiliated employee must be made to CNS via our web-submission form, phone call (315-470-6861), or email to 

Once connected to the ESF Guest wireless, upon opening a browser on your device you will be prompted to enter a phone number. A txt message will be sent confirming you are you, after which confirmation you will be allowed to proceed to the Internet.

The ESF Guest wireless is limited in scope to the greater Internet, but ESF and select SUNY systems are not available through this connection. For access to these resources, please use the Evergreen network with your campus credentials, if possible.