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The general procedure for setting up a Smart Phone or Tablet to use the new ESF mail system is as follows:

  1. Remove your current settings (varies by make/model of phone).
  2. Add a new email account.
  3. Identify the account as an Exchange account (if available).
  4. If asked for a Web/server address, use:
  5. If asked, SSL is required
  6. Enter your email address and password.
  7. If asked for your username enter it as follows: (iPhone/iPod/iPad) or ESFADMIN\username (Windows mobile/Droid)
  8. If asked, re-synchronize your device with the server

Most mobile devices will Autodiscover the correct settings for the ESF mail system. The discovery process may take up to 2 minutes. When this process is complete your device should correctly sync mail, calendar, and contacts. For some Android phones, synchronizing Contacts may pull entire campus directory into your phone.

For SU Mail, ESF Students and select staff, please see SU's information site for users of SUmail for further details.

To use ESF email Web Access, type the following address in the Address bar of your Web browser:

General email Web Access rules:

  • Pop-up blockers or incorrectly altered browser security settings may cause this page to load improperly.
  • Because the ESF email Web Access system is a Microsoft system, using Internet explorer on a PC running the Windows operating system will yield the most consistent results.
  • This link will allow login for students, but will redirect you to the Microsoft Outlook 365 experience. You can skip this intermediary step by proceeding directly to, logging in with your ESFiD credentials, and using the Outlook app there.