Windows 11 Support

The transition to Windows 11 is beginning. Microsoft is requiring all computers running Windows 11 have particular hardware specifications. This means there are computers on campus that will not make the upgrade. As a result, we are evaluating every computer that comes in for repair closely. Based on the repairs needed and Windows 11 compatability we are recommending replacing the computer or waiting in the queue before the computer can be repaired. On the right is the model list of computers that are NOT Windows 11 Compatible. If you currently one of these models, we recommend replacing the device. If that is not an option at this time please reach out to understand your options.

Please Note: Older peripherals are also going to impacted by Windows 11. Devices like printers, scanners, and others that were purchased prior to 2021 might not work with Windows 11.

CNS will continue to offer semi-used computers from the computer labs when those are refreshed during the summers. We will replacing the oldest computers on campus with the computers from the labs.

CNS will continue to support Windows 10 and will work to update all computers before its end-of-life date of October 2025. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the helpdesk.

Unsupported Computer Models

The lists below will be updated as more information is released from Microsoft


  • OptiPlex model beginning with GX###; GX260, GX280, etc.
  • OptiPlex model with just three numbers for the model;  755, 780, 990, etc.
  • OptiPlex 9010, 9020, 7040, 7050, 7440 AIO*, 5040, 5050, 
*AIO stands for All-In-One so it looks like it is just a monitor, but actually is a PC.


  • All Inspiron Models
  • All Latitude C, D and E series laptops;  C6##, D5##, D6##, E4###, E5###, E6###, E7###.
  • Latitude 3470, 5480, 5488, 5580